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A Note from Miss Manda

Hey there – thanks so much for finding me. In case we haven't already met, my name is Amanda Newman. I'm a Las Vegas artist and coach who loves to help people become more creative.


My own journey as an artist has taught me that creativity is not something you're born with or without. Instead, it's a muscle—something you can grow with exercise, consistency, and the proper approach.

My flagship product, Kimland, is a card game that helps people do just that. I also offer creative coaching for classrooms and small groups. To see some of my own creations, feel free to check out my art prints or commission me to make custom art


To learn more about me & my brand, read my full story here. For exclusive discounts and a short monthly update from me, sign up for my newsletter

With love, gratitude, and lots of creativity,

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Miss Manda

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Kimland is a card game for people of all ages who either:

  • have never considered themselves to be creative, but want to start developing their creative muscles.

  • already feel creative but want to sharpen their skills

  • are just looking for some inspiration and practice in their medium of choice

Custom Art 

If you're looking for your own personal Miss Manda Art piece, custom art is the way to go. I offer commissions in two styles: Digital Pet Portraits and Custom Cartoons. Click the links below to read more about commissions on my Etsy page.

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cartoon pics.png

Fine Art Prints

Creative Coaching

If you're a teacher interested in having me teach a creativity lesson for your class, fill out the form on the right. 

I'll reach out within 3 business days :)

Tell me about yourself!

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