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About Me

For most of my life, I didn't consider myself a creative person. I loved to make art, but I struggled to come up with my own ideas.  That all changed in January 2021 when I committed to drawing one cartoon every day - a habit I've kept up with for the last 3 years.

With Miss Manda Art, I want to help other people see that creativity is a skill that can be developed—not something you have to be born with.

Before becoming an artist, my first passion was teaching. I have always loved working with kids - especially seeing their eyes light up when they learn a new concept. Even more than that, though, the best part of my time teaching in the Las Vegas public school system was pushing my students to use their creative muscles in new ways. 

Although I'm no longer a full time teacher, I use my knowledge and experience to help others learn to become more creative.

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Whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, teacher, or leader, being successful requires that you learn to develop original ideas. Come join me and my community to improve your creativity and take your work to the next level!



Bachelor of Arts

Bowdoin College

At Bowdoin College, I double majored in English and Education with a minor in Visual Arts. Bowdoin is where I first learned I wanted to be a teacher while also growing as an artist.


Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

University of Nevada Las Vegas

While teaching in a public elementary school on the East side of Las Vegas, I attended UNLV to attain my Masters in teaching.

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